Friday, 8 November 2013

Abrams Detailing

Over the last few days I have been adding some extra details to the model using some Eduard etch and plastic card and rod. I'm only adding extras or improving areas I think need it. I have had tremendous fun doing this and have really enjoyed myself. It's now coming together nicely and not much really needs to be done before finishing the detailing.

On the health front I am now allowed to drive again so I actually went to a model shop the other day, something I haven't done for 4 weeks! and blow me if this didn't fall into my outstretched hand!

Just had to have it and what the hell it's been 4 weeks since my heart attack and I have been very good. Ha ha, I'm off to see the consultant on Monday so am hoping for good news.


  1. Good job, Pete! Keep watching for your building this model with great interest.
    Wish you quick recovery!

  2. Good progress it seems on the model and along with your own health.

  3. Thanks fellas, I'll keep you posted