Saturday, 2 November 2013

Terrific Tracks

The tracks are now completed and as you can see they are quite a tight fit against the mud guards which by the way are next to be sorted. I think the detail on these tracks is great, just a pity they are moulded in white! it reminds me of AFV club's Weisel kit which was in the same colour. Very difficult to see any details let alone any flaws that need sorting but hay ho! they are done now.



  1. Hi Pete,
    Your Valentine is shaping up quite nicely! I have one in the stash that I'll be making a start on soon so any fit problems so far?
    Andy K

  2. Hi Andy thanks for your comment. Fit wise nothing really just the usual AFv club fixation with multiple parts so check and check again the fit.There are a couple of parts not shown in the instructions but are in the pictures so careful study of the instructions is a must. Likewise if you intend to fit the front headlamps they are actually not shown on the instruction sheet. AFV Club published an amendment on thier facebook page, failing that I have it so just email me and I'll send you a copy.