Saturday, 1 August 2015

Greek AMX-30B Complete

Here it is all finished and on the base. I finished off the base by adding some weeds and plants carved from stretched sprue then with some green and dark yellow tones sprayed on for the grass. I also sprayed the tree a dark green to match the real thing. Pigments finished off the ground work and finally I painted the edging black and added a Greek flag pin badge.

I've really enjoyed this project and now have something different to display at shows and admire in my display cabinet. Thanks to everyone who assisted me during the build, your advice and information was invaluable.  


  1. Very nice base for you Greek AMX 30. I will probably build an AMX 30 in the future but a French version, this kit is great and it's have a very nice looking. Well done job Pete !

  2. Hello.
    I am the administrator of the group "ΣΤΑΤΙΚΟΣ ΜΟΝΤΕΛΙΣΜΟΣ". It is a Greek facebook group about scale modelling. We have created an e-magazine about modelling which is given to the modelers for free. The magazine is also published in English. So, the reason i am contacting you is to ask you if you would be interested in writing a detailed article about the construction of your Greek AMX30. In the link below you can see the English issues.
    Thank you for your time.

  3. Hi Galant I would be delighted to write an article about the build for your e-magazine. If you could let me know your email I will send you something plus pictures of the build