Sunday 30 August 2015

Belgian M41 Bulldog Complete

After a monster session at the bench yesterday the base and project is now complete. I finished off the base by adding loads of tiny laser cut leaves which I then painted using various green and brown tones. The barrier was sprayed up then weathered using sponge chipping, filters and pigments then fixed to the base. the whole thing was then given a dusting of pigments to tie all the elements together. Finally the model was added and a belgian flag pin added to the base.

So there you have it a vehicle from B squadron, 2nd reconnaissance regiment Jager te Paard

This project was really fun to do and very easy as well with only a few things changed or enhanced. I must say thanks to Marc Mercier for his help on all things Belgian & armour, his advice and info was a great help. 

I'm looking forwards to taking this to Belgium next month for the IPMS Belgian plastic & steel show. I'm sure it will go down a treat with the hosts. 


  1. Wonderful model and dio. The 2JP was the Regiment of my father during the 50's, it's amaizing no ?

  2. Hi Alain, that's such a coincidence! glad you like it :-)

  3. Very nice!!!
    I know 2JP very well, as I did my military service there.

  4. Thanks Dirk very glad you like it