Sunday, 23 August 2015

Belgian Bulldog Matt Coat

The model has now been treated to a Matt coat and all the periscopes and lights have been sorted. Some graphite powder was rubbed onto the .50 cal and around a few selected areas such as the commander's hatch to suggest wear. I've also given the lower hull a spray of thinned tamiya flat earth to kick start the pigments which will be going on next.

I'm not going for a really dirty look on this but more a light dusting of mud & dust mostly on the lower portions of the model. The crew are only test fitted at this stage so I can finalise positions.


  1. Very nice looking. Wich matt varnish do you used ?
    The figures fits well on the model. Good job Pete.

  2. Cheers Alain, for the matt varnish I use Winsor & Newton galleria acrylic matt varnish. It's amazing stuff and easy to spray straight from the bottle or as I use it with a few drops of plain tap water. you can get it from any art shop.

  3. Thanks for this information Pete.