Sunday, 9 August 2015

IPMS Avon Show Report

As per usual Stonehenge modellers made the short trip down the M4 to Thornbury today for the annual IPMS Avon show. This year marks the 25th anniversary of this particular event. Also this year a further hall was available for displays and traders making a total of three massive halls full of models and things to buy, what's not to like?

Set up was the usual swift affair once we located our tables. This year we were in hall 2 which had plenty of space and most importantly really good lighting. From the off we were kept busy chatting to visitors and friends. I managed a few swift tours around the halls to pick up those "must have" consumables that we all tend to run out of just when we need them the most, and also managed a good look around the displays. 

I particularly liked the landing craft and small d-day diorama in a tin which were all displayed on Avon's tables. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to talk to the builders of these. Also in the new hall this year they had the competition tables which looked to be well attended. Again I missed having a look as judging was taking place at the time. Also in the hall there was a small arena in place for remote control large scale tanks which was rather nice to see. As usual there was also loads of war game stuff to see from wargaming clubs and traders.  

My stash has also grown slightly even with me vowing not to buy any kits! well I did sell two so the net gain is negligible! 

I thoroughly enjoyed the show this year (as I always do) and the inclusion of an extra hall really made this a great event. The facilities were excellent as was the space between stands and the lighting. All combined to make this a must see show. Many thanks to IPMS Avon for hosting and inviting us, we had a blast and look forwards to next year. 

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