Thursday, 27 August 2015

Belgian Bulldog Base work Begins!

The base has now had some plaster added which I mixed from ordinary all purpose filler with white glue and some dark pigments added. Fine sand and fine gravel went on next then a bit of patting with a finger I added contours to the base. After some time curing I used some old wheels and tracks to add marks in the plaster. A piece of cling film was then used as a barrier and the model pressed into the base to get it sitting properly.

The scene is meant to depict Germany with the tank moving through some woods. Brian S suggested adding a barrier as seen in many woods and forests so I knocked one up from plastic. I also still have a sign to add and I'm not sure if the barrier will be used on this base. maybe it will be too much in such a small area.

The trees are seafoam and will get some foliage added and painted up to look like silver birch. So far the base is working out well but there's still a fair bit still to do.


  1. Great look my friend, it's a very very very (yes 3 times) nice project. Do you plan to build an M-24 Chaffee of belgian army to, complete your serie ?

  2. Cheers Alain, a Chaffee eh? I had not thought about that! now there's a very nice idea!