Friday, 21 August 2015

Belgian Bulldog Weathering

Over the last few days I've been working on the filters and washes and now I think I'm close to finishing this stage of the weathering. I started off with a couple of diluted washes using MIG neutral wash then followed up with a slightly diluted application of Wilder grey brown filter (NL 19).

A dark brown pin wash went on next around bolts, panel lines, recesses and the engine deck. I blended this in when it was almost dry using a barely damp brush. Finally I used AK streaking grime & NATO rain marks on the turret sides and front & rear hull.  All this has given the model some deeper tones and popped all the details too. 

Unfortunately the pictures are not that good as I've managed to lose my camera settings so it's a bit of trial and error until I sort that gremlin out!


  1. Hi Pete ! The tonal variations of your Bulldog are really nice, I like also the subtle weathering.
    Very good job my friend !

  2. Thanks Aiain I'm hoping that all the effects will still be visible after the matt coat!