Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Bulldog Crew & Matilda Stowage

The crew for the bulldog are now all finished, painted in various Vallejo shades, the main colour for the uniforms was 893 US dark green. I like the contrast between the new style uniforms and old style WW2 era crew helmets. It depicts that transitional look seen during the cold war in many European armies at the time. It also illustrates how changes in uniform and indeed vehicle colour schemes didn't just happen overnight but were more of a gradual change. 

On to the Matilda and the turret stowage rack has had some tarps made up from duro green stuff added and a resin Italian fuel can wedged between them for a bit of visual interest. I've also spent some time refining the details on the kit supplied crew figures with a fresh scalpel and fine files. I think they will paint up nicely later on. So once the stowage has cured the model can go off for a wash before primer.


  1. Beautiful the tank between the two tarps .... but the fuel can that is brand.I've never seen that kind of Italian cans.

  2. Thanks Loris, the can is a plus models item so I'm assuming it is correct, too late now anyway!