Friday 31 July 2015

Greek AMX-30 Final Weathering & Base Work

I've now finished the final weathering on the model. This consisted of a bit of tamiya flat earth heavily thinned sprayed on the lower portion of the model then an application of various pigments, not too much but just enough for a dusty look. As I worked further up the model I reduced the amount of pigments used so as not to cover up all the previous detail painting and effects.

Lastly the tracks and side skirts went on and a carbon fibre antenna was added to the turret. The figures were also fitted and they look really good in place. The base has had some treatment as well today after adding the plaster and some sand and fine gravel yesterday. I've also added a small tree which reminds me of the very tall poplars seen in the Mediterranean and Greece.

Next up will be the painting of the base and adding pigments which shouldn't take too long.

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