Sunday, 16 August 2015

Foxtrot To The Finish

Well the matilda is now almost finished apart from adding my own stowage to the turret rack. This has to be the fastest build I've ever done, it's only taken me three days and that's only doing a bit here and there! Just shows the quality of this kit. I have added a few improvements but nothing major just window dressing really.

The crew are pretty decent too with perhaps a bit of sharpening up required on the heads and uniforms. I will certainly be using the driver and commander. A lot of the smaller parts are loose at the moment, this will come in handy later when I attempt to paint this in the caunter scheme. 

On a different note my JGSDF type 90 from a couple of years ago has now been published with an accompanying article in the September edition of tamiya model magazine international. Well chuffed to finally see it in print.


  1. Very nice build for this Matilda, a nice kit and a quite perfect fit as I can see and as it usual with Tamiya ones. I've started my Somua S35 and it's also a real pleasure to build. I stay tuned to see the caunter camo.
    Have a nice modeling my friend !

  2. Hi Pete, the Matilda is a tank that I love, I've built one in 2011 but it was still the old Tamiya model. Yours is beautiful and the few changes that you made are well done. Now I look painting .

  3. Thanks guys it is a superb kit, one of the best I've built I think.