Sunday, 12 January 2020

M4A3E2 Done, Male Tank Base & Another New Project!

Well my plan to put this aside was foiled by the early arrival of the parts I had ordered yesterday. So I finished off the building by adding some Askua periscope cages and handles from lead wire before finishing off with a selection of stowage from the spares pile. With the model done and off for a wash I also found a nice standing figure to go with it once finished which should arrive soon.

My Tamiya bases also arrived so I prepared one for the male tank by priming the edges and then used oils to give it a wood effect. This now needs to dry for a few days before I can start on the groundwork.

Never one to hang about I've also decided on my next project which is the very nice Diopark civilian truck with w/UB-32 rocket launchers. I've had this one a while but have been thinking about building it for some time. The potential for weathering is huge and I'm sure it will be a lot of fun to paint as well.


  1. Nice touch with the styrene stowage tray on the transmission housing of the Jumbo Pete, you've got it bowing slightly in the centre under the weight of the stowage. Good spot!

  2. Cheers Chris glad you noticed the bowing in the board.