Thursday, 24 January 2019

Humvee base Complete

With the vegetation complete I've now added a dusting of pigments and finished placing all the rubbish onto the base. I think there's just enough now without going OTT on such a small base. Water has also been added using AK puddles which is acrylic. I added two layers to each one and I really like the effect. 

Finally I've painted up one of the red zebra rabbits for the base and very nice it looks too. It will be interesting to see how many people spot him when the model is displayed this year. So the final task is to add some pigments to the Humvee, fit the figures and add it to the base.


  1. Very nice "dirty zone" with great vegetation and a nice touch with "Roger Rabbit"
    The puddles looks great and quite realistic. The Humvee can comes !

  2. Brilliant looking base Pete.

  3. Watership Down it is, Pete....nice one mate!