Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Corolla White Work

Another day another model and this time I've been spraying the corolla parts that need to be white using zero paints pure brilliant white, Boy does this stuff stink! However with my benchvent and a suitable mask I really didn't smell a thing. The benchvent certainly sucked away any whiffs very effectively.

To get a good solid colour I put down 5 coats of paint leaving each to flash off for about 10 minutes. I also put the parts in a box with a lid between coats to stop any dust settling on the paint. I'm very pleased with the result, it looks flawless and actually has a matt sort of finish to it. This will cure for a few days, possibly a week before I really bite the bullet and spray the lacquer gloss on before decals! 


  1. Nice job Pete - I don't do cars myself, but can appreciate a really good paint job when I see one, & as you said earlier for auto modelling it has to be flawless.