Friday, 11 January 2019

1/48th Tamiya Churchill Crocodile

Yes another project has hit the bench and it's tamiya's smashing little Churchill. I've decided on this mostly as a test bed for the AK real colours SCC 15 olive drab paint I've just acquired. Also that smashing chap Paul from Red Zebra scale models is kindly sending me some spare tracks and a set of weighted wheels for the fuel trailer.

A starts been made and as you can see the quality is first class. The way tamiya have tackled the tracks is particularly ingenious. Starting at the front a small section of track is located on a couple of pins so there is no chance of you getting them on the wrong way round. I've also built up the bottom run of tracks so I can remove them for painting.


1 comment:

  1. Looks sweet, Pete. It'd be nice if Tamiya updated their 1/35 Churchill Mk.VII in the same way, as they did with the Matilda kit. They seem to produce retooled versions of many of their older kits these days (thinking of the M3 Stuart here too), so I think the Churchill would be a popular choice. Wait & see.