Sunday, 19 August 2018

The Paint Factory aka My Bench!

Yesterday was a very productive day as I was able to get the base colours on the leopard and AIFV as well as return to the bulldog build. The leopard was the first to get some paint and a good solid coat of tamiya NATO green, XF-67 went on nicely. I'll be adding some paint fading to this next before the black and brown are sprayed on.

The AIFV was next and here I used mr hobby olive drab 2, H78 as the base colour before starting some fading using tamiya flat flesh, XF-15 added to this in small amounts. More fading will be added in due course. 

And finally after the airbrush went away I started blocking in the main colours on the building for the bulldog base. The roller shutter was sprayed a metallic colour and the rest painted with vallejo colours.

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