Saturday, 25 August 2018

Decals & Detail Day

Busy today doing a lot of the detail painting on both models as well as adding decals and sorting out a crew for the leopard. The leopard first and most of the detail painting is now done. With just the rear mud flaps and lights to sort out. Decals are from the kit and they went down with no issues. Just a little out of register on the number plates on the national flag but nothing anyone is really going to notice.

I've also built up two crew figures using the miniart Bundeswehr tank crew set. They are not too bad at all, with just some careful clean up needed in places. Most notably the faces which have a large amount of flash to clean up. 

The AIFV has had a similar treatment and here I used my daco Belgian vehicle set which is an absolute god send. Especially as the kit decals are rubbish. Correct registration plates and numbers, unit designation and bridge markings all came from the daco sheet with only three white warning placards coming from the kit sheet. I've gone for a Chasseurs Ardennais vehicle for a change & all marked up it looks ace.

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