Saturday, 25 April 2015

Tamiya Somua Construction Complete

Well that didn't take very long did it? The turret was a breeze to build and I just added three lifting hooks and some bolts to the cupola. The figure is I think one of the best I've seen from Tamiya. He fits the turret beautifully and I really like the pose. Finally I added the chains to the rear hull and went over the model with Mr surfacer. The tools will be left off the model until after painting so I can add some straps to secure them to the hull.

So that's the build phase complete and I must say this is one of the best models I've ever built, pure quality of parts, ease of assembly and great details plus a nice simple & quick build really make this a great kit. Out of the box she's a cracker but with a few simple enhancements she's a stunner! 



  1. Wow it's a very nice kit Pete and a very attractive build with nice details added. I have received the mine and I am hasty to begin the so lang wanted kit ! I'm very fan about the french tanks of 1940's.
    Where did you find the foundry marks ? There are a quite oversized but they looks very nice and I don't understand why Tamiya have forgot these very obvious details ! No kits aren't perfect !
    I'm looking for the painting stages and what kind of camo you have chosen. If you need precisions about the camos I have quite good doc about it, tell me and I will send you the color profiles you need.
    Happy modeling Pete, I stay tuned for your nice project.

  2. Hi Alain glad you like it, the foundry marks are from the spares box, I would have used Archer numbers but couldn't wait! As for painting I'm going for option C on the painting guide which looks nice. I'm very much a fan of French armour during the war period too. Just love the many variations in colour schemes.