Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Dragon Saladin Figures & Stowage

The figures have now been primed after a bit of tweaking. I'm also going to use the old tamiya chieftain figure for the driver, he's a bit crude but once in place very little of him will be visible. I've also painted up most of the stowage and just need to make up a bit more for the turret basket then I can get on with the pigments.

I've also been adding to the stash again! the Tamiya Somua is an absolute cracker! I built the Char B when it first came out and thought it was a brilliant kit. This one looks even better with some great colour schemes and superb details. The Bedford was a bargain at a fiver and yes it's small scale, what am I doing? Lastly a sheet of tamiya cobbles, interesting stuff this as it's got a really nice fan pattern of cobble stones. Just the job for a small dio.

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