Thursday, 16 April 2015

D-Day Museum Southsea

 Yesterday again saw the dynamic duo head off for another museum visit and this time we pottered off to the D-day museum located on Southsea seafront. The museum had a couple of interesting gate guardians outside in the form of a Sherman Grizzly and a Churchill Crocodile minus trailer. Looking good we thought but after fighting our way through hoards of students and paying out £6.80 entry all I can say is I was seriously underwhelmed by the exhibits and indeed the layout of this particular museum.

The displays (mostly behind glass) were very dimly lit and it was a struggle to read the information contained therein. Also the museum was hardly packed with exhibits and the "vehicle hall" had the grand total of 4 vehicles displayed in it! I think we looked around in about half an hour it's that small. 

After that we decided to explore Southsea castle which is behind the museum, Brian in fact was more impressed with the floral display walking up to the castle than the museum (he's at that age you see)

Entry here is free and it's a fascinating place certainly full of history and with some interesting exhibits well worth a look. There's also a very nice cafe where we had a cuppa. The views were spectacular from the ramparts as well.

After that and a walk along the seafront to take the air as you do, we decided as it was such a nice day to bimble over to the new forest on the way home and as is now our M.O stopped off for a very nice pub lunch.

Although a nice day and an excuse to get out of the house perhaps we should have had a look on the likes of tripadvisor before going down to the D-day museum as I feel the admission really does not reflect the quality or quantity of the exhibits or educational content. However the castle was excellent and was worth the trip down.

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  1. son no. 2 lives just a couple of hundred yards from the museum, but I've never actually stumped up the cash! Now I know not to bother..