Monday, 27 April 2015

Airfix 1/76 4 Tonne Bedford MK

Here's the latest on the bench which I started on Saturday whilst waiting for other stuff to dry etc. As you can see I've finished the bugger already! I did add and replace details along the way but as it's a small scale jobby it really didn't take any time at all. 

The Airfix kit is the old JB models version re-boxed and is a really nice little kit. The Bedford is such a familiar vehicle to modern British fans & one I've had on my wish list for some time, all be it in my normal 1/35th scale. However as I don't happen to have an Accurate Armour Bedford kicking about the man cave this fits the bill nicely.  

I'm going to put this in a little diorama and have found some figures which should work well. They are a group of soldiers in relaxed poses having a brew, as you do. The time scale will probably be BAOR (British army on the Rhine).   

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