Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Land rover Gloss coat & Decals

Yesterday the model had a good coat of gloss so today it's decal time. I also made up the number plates from plastic card and used accurate armour census numbers for the registration number. One interesting point is that the only picture I have of RHA 1 tonners shows the rear plate to be a square and positioned to the right instead of in the middle of the tail gate. My best guess is that this was so the reg could be seen when towing the gun? Anyway I also made up a small number plate light from plastic and added that too. 

The bridging disc is also an accurate armour decal & the union jacks came from my spare decals stash. I've also been looking through my stash for some bits to add to the rear and have by lucky chance found a couple of ammo boxes which are very close to the real thing. I'm also planning on adding a heap of camo netting to the rear.

I'm also gearing up for Stonehenge Modellers first show of the year, On Track in Folkestone this Saturday. I may even take the 1 tonner as a WIP as it definitely won't be finished by then.

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  1. This design suits in completely with the simplicity of her room and is not too over powering on the wall which I like!