Friday, 20 February 2015

1 Tonne Figure Painting

Today I've painted up the figure in British DPM using my usual method and vallejo colours. I've slightly lightened the colours on the trousers for some visual difference. The maroon for the beret was a pig to get right and I had to do a few test mixes until I was happy with the colour. 

I've also been working on his faithful mutt, Jake who is a small rough haired terrier. My attempts at sculpting the dog failed miserably so I had a look around and found some nicely sculpted resin dogs from reality in scale. I have changed the ears on the dog to match Jakes little stubby ones! He should do nicely.


  1. Nice work so far, excellent job on that camo certainly have some steady hands there.

  2. Nice camo painting on this figure. Well done job Pete. Can you show the next stages of paint processes for this nice figure ?

  3. Cheers guys glad you like it, Alain I would mate but I'm on a tight deadline to get this finished.