Sunday, 8 February 2015

Land rover Detail Painting & Achzarit Main Colour Coat

I've now started on the detail painting on the landy and have also added the black disruptive camouflage. I used a mix of Vallejo black & dark rubber for this and used a mix with more rubber in it for the canvas. Some light chipping has also been added which looks very stark now but will almost disappear later on. Especially once the gloss coat goes on. The rest of the details are now being picked out again with Vallejo colours. 

The Achzarit has now had the main colour sprayed on and for this I used Lifecolor UA 902 IDF sand grey 2. After a bit of faffing getting the ratio of paint to thinners right it sprayed on like a dream. I then went back over the model with a lightened tone of this for some highlights in selected areas.

And lastly the figures for both models have been prepped and are ready for primer. The Meng IDF crew figures received new hornet heads and the commander figure a new arm. The Land rover figure is an Accurate Armour item and he has had a holster and straps removed and then a bit of re-working using magic sculpt. This figure needed a lot of clean up and filling of pin holes in the resin. 


  1. Land Rover is looking a treat mate..

  2. Cheers Terry for some reason I just did not think it would come out as well as it has! perhaps cos it was not the easiest kit to build or find decent refs for I suppose. It's certainly progressing faster than I expected.