Monday, 23 February 2015

Land rover 1 Tonne Weathering & Pigments

Yesterday I bit the bullet and started on the final weathering of the model. I started off with a heavily thinned application of tamiya buff, spraying this gradually to build up the effect. Most of the work was on the undersides and wheel arches. Once happy with this I then mixed up some pigments and added these dry to the interior of the model. The camo net and ammo boxes also had some pigments dusted on to blend everything together. 

I then added pigments to the exterior but tried to keep it subtle. It's now pretty much there with perhaps a bit more work to be done on the wheels. Lastly I tackled the glazing and here I used some very thin clear plastic from a packaging box which Brian S kindly gave me. I used the templates that I had prepared earlier on and cut them out with a new scalpel blade. After a polish  I used deluxe materials glue 'n' glaze to secure the glazing and it all popped into the frames with no problems.