Sunday, 1 February 2015

Dragon Black Label Saladin Mk 2

First model purchase of the year and I didn't buy it! A rather early birthday present from the wife (bless her).  Yes it's dragon's black label 1/35th Saladin Mk2. This is a kit I've been eagerly awaiting even though as usual it's got a slagging on some of the modelling forums. I've have a quick drool over the parts and to my eyes it looks like a Saladin! The kit has some very nice details and comes with a selection of markings for five vehicles and the only bit of etch is a rear grill for the air intake. I'll post up a full review in the next few days as I'm very keen to get this one built.



  1. First new Saladin since the old Tamiya kit of the 70ties ! I guess it's an amaizing kit with a lot of details.
    A funny build to come ... I stay tuned to read your review and the begining of this nice 6-roader ;-)

  2. Cheers Alain there are a couple of resin kits out there too one by Firing line & the other by Accurate armour. However they aren't cheap!