Thursday, 26 February 2015

Land rover 1 Tonne Finished (sort of)

I've now finished the 1 Tonne by adding the doors, windscreen and canvas plus mirrors and spare wheel in the back. Quite a bit of fettling was needed to get everything lined up correctly and here I used glue "n" glaze for most of the parts especially the windscreen. The drivers door was a challenge as the contact points for gluing were so small. 

In the end I made up a couple of tiny wedges which I glued onto the door brackets. Once dry I then glued the door to the vehicles side. By using the wedges it increased the surface area for gluing. I also used epoxy here to get a better bond than CA and to give it a degree of flexibility which you don't get with CA.

After a final dusting with pigments she's now all finished. The only thing to sort out now is the base which I cannot start until I get the plaque which hopefully I will have next week.  

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