Sunday, 22 February 2015

1 Tonne Figure & Jake Finished

I've just finished off the figure of the colonel and Jake his dog. The figures flesh areas were painted as usual using vallejo flesh tones built up over several layers. I then added some shading to deep creases in the uniform and lined all the pockets and seams with this mix. A very light dry brush followed to lift the uniform edges. For the belt I painted it blue then used a very thin piece of yellow decal to represent the regimental stable belt.

I did find that no matter what I tried I couldn't get the strip any thinner as it kept breaking up so this slightly thick band will have to suffice. "Jake" the dog was a doddle to paint taking all of 10 minutes to do! I did however make up and paint a bag of his favourite treats, cheesy bites which will go into the cab of the landy later.

I'm getting close to the end of this one now, just the glazing to cut and final weathering and assembly. And of course the base! 

1 comment:

  1. Very nice figure and of course "Jake" is a nice companion for the colonel. I really like your painying method.
    Well done job Pete !