Monday 15 February 2021

Tamiya JGSDF Type 16 Finished

As predicted I managed to finish the base off today so the build is now complete. As usual I added a selection of different lengths of static grass to the base then carefully sprayed this once it had set with my custom grass green colour. Then tamiya buff and deck tan were used to carefully spray the dirt areas allowing a little bit to dust up the edges of the grass.

This was followed by some stone painting using various vallejo tones before a simple sign was made up from plastic rod and sheet. This was then sprayed, a spare decal added then weathered. Finally some shrubs went on to the base before fixing the model in place. 

As ever tamiya give you a superb model to play with but with the addition of a few simple enhancements it really stands out. I've really enjoyed this build as I do love painting JGSDF vehicles so it's always nice to add yet another to the collection.


  1. Show off! No really, superb work as usual. Thanks for continuously sharing your progress on each model; I enjoy visiting here anticipating the latest post.