Tuesday 2 February 2021

Tamiya JGSDF Type 16 Washes & Filters

Now back to the type 16 and today some filters and washes have gone on. I've used a new product from a company called Modellers World, https://www.modelarskiswiat.pl/ who produce a line of oil washes as well as pigments and other useful items. Their oil washes come in glass dropper bottles which is a great idea as it's less wasteful. The bottles also have a ball bearing inside so a good shake will agitate the contents easily ensuring a good consistency of product.

I've used one called black brown wash on the model and am very impressed with the results so far. The pigment in this wash seems to be extremely fine and once dry no grainy residue or appearance is evident. It flows through panel lines like a rocket and blends very easily too. It also have a very unusual smell, sort of like baby powder but it's not unpleasant and certainly better than other brands out there. 

So far the model has had a thin filter using the oil wash thinned with my usual odourless thinners followed by two pin washes. It's really popped the details especially on the engine deck. next will be a final pin wash in selected areas before I start on oil dot fading & streaking.  


  1. Certainly agree on those new oil washes, Pete - the effect on the recessed details & panel lines in that side view is incredible, really pops them out.

  2. Cheers Chris I'm very impressed with the wash.