Friday 5 February 2021

Comet Tracks Done & Welding Begins!

The second track run has now been built up and very nice they are once fitted in place. Next I've been working on weld beads, some of which are missing and some that need replacing. The first of these is the very prominent welds on the front hull and here I used magic sculpt and a flat blade to impress the long welds seen on the real thing. 

Some texture was also added using mr surfacer thinned slightly with tamiya extra thin cement and stippled on the model. Once all the various lifting eyes etc had been glued in place stretched sprue was used to add welds to these and the drivers & machine gunners side doors. The hull machine gun barrel was swapped for a brass one for better detail as well. 

The headlight guards in the kit are very thick and look overscale so replacements were made up from wire. The rear hull has also had some detail added using plastic strip and bolts as well as some texture. I'm pleased with the progress so far, it's all going rather well and I'm really into the build at the moment. I should be sorting out the type 16 but that will have to wait for a while I think.




  1. This project is coming along very nicely.

  2. Tracks look sweet in place, Pete. Is it me, or is Comet suspension a possible prototype for the FV 432's wheel arrangement? Take away 2 return rollers, & they would be almost identical.