Thursday 25 February 2021

Comet Final Weathering

After a good few days for the matt coat to cure it's on to the final weathering. I'm using a selection of wilder textured earth products & aqua line effects as well as modelling world washes to hopefully get a damp effect with dry and damp mud on the hull and wheels. I'll add lighter dry mud on the upper hull as well in areas of foot traffic. So far I've only done one side of the hull but it's looking good.

The figure has also had some attention with the leather jerkin first undercoated using vallejo leather then dark umber & raw sienna oils were used to paint the leather. This was then set aside to dry in a warm place for a few days. The coveralls were then painted using vallejo 332 highlight Jap tank crew as a base coat. These WW2 coveralls are made of a canvas material so this colour is perfect as a base. I did think of using vallejo canvas but it was far too dark. 



  1. Weathering on the Comet's undercarriage looks very realistic Pete, & I really like the leather effect on the jerkin, great work.

  2. Cheers mate, trying a few different methods for this and trying to not use pigments just to see how it looks.