Sunday 7 February 2021

Bronco Comet, Let The Detailing Commence!

Lots now done on the hull with missing and poor details added to the stowage bins, handles added to the engine deck and a start made on the turret. The resin mantlet was very easy to fit with just a bit of cutting required on the turret ring before fixing in place. Magic sculpt was again used here to add weld lines around the mantlet then stretch sprue was used to add more missing welds around the turret. Mr surfacer for texture as well and it's all looking good. 

The barrel was slightly warped, possibly because it was on the same sprue as the upper hull so some careful glueing and a bit of manipulation was needed to ensure it was straight and true. Once I find my 4mm drill bit I'll drill out the barrel hole ready for fitting as well.


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