Friday, 25 May 2018

Trumpeter ASLAV-PC Finished

The project is now completed after knocking up a base for it. For this I firstly added some plaster then fine sand. Once that had cured I tried out some AK light & dark crackle effects to simulate a dried out river bed or desert environment. This was my first go using it and I think the resulting cracked earth effect looks very good indeed.

The thicker the layer you apply the bigger and wider the cracking will be. Once that had also dried I sprayed the base with a suitable base colour then added pigments using the same tone I used on the model. Finally some parched grass clumps and an Aussie badge went onto the base.

This has been another enjoyable build not least because it's so different but also because of that wonderful camo scheme. I even enjoyed sorting out the figures too. 

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