Saturday, 5 May 2018

Tangmere Aviation Museum & Model Show

Today I went down to Tangmere to visit the collection and have a look at the model show. The museum has long been on my must visit list so after a very easy drive down and an easy parking spot I went and had a good look around. Dick from modellers haven forum was in attendance and it was great to see his latest work, a very splendid 1/350 King George V from tamiya suitably hacked & scratched to make an amazing cutaway model.

The museum proper is not that big covering two smallish hangers but there is a lot of interesting stuff to look at. I found the history of Tangmere particularly fascinating and I did not realise how big it was during the second world war. In amongst some of the exhibits there was a good smattering of clubs with some nice models on display. With only a couple of traders in attendance and nothing to test my legendary breaking strain the only expenditure apart from the entry fee was a cup of tea!

I really enjoyed this little show, the place was very interesting, the weather was superb and the drive home was swift and hassle free, everyone else seemed to be heading for the coast! 

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