Thursday, 31 May 2018

FV432 Bulldog More Details

I've now sorted the thermal blankets & netting for the model and am very pleased with the result. Again using the post in notes for templates it's actually very easy to do. I fixed the netting to the notes and then the hull using deluxe materials glue & glaze. It's perfect for this and makes for an easy time gluing the sheets on.

The upper hull is almost done after adding some missing details and enhancing other areas. The hose in particular was just a plain moulding, however it should be ribbed so some fine copper wire was just wrapped around the kit part. Looks much better I think. The commanders housing is next with the gun mount and front shield to do. Here I may replace the kit GPMG with a live resin item.

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  1. Simply amazing!!! Great attention to detail. The model It is very captivating!!!!