Monday, 28 May 2018

FV432 Bulldog More Progress

The pace of the build has slowed down slightly as it's now time to tackle all the add on armour. Starting at the front all the parts are nicely done and the fit is good as well. There is only some slight clean up needed on some of the slats. I also wired up the smoke dischargers and headlights using lead wire and added some bolts here and there. the whole front section can be kept separate for painting as well.

The two front jammers also had missing bolts added and the drivers side one & front camera have been wired up using lead as well. From the start I wanted to add the missing thermal blankets with netting as most if not all 432's had them fitted. So as a trial I started on the rear jammer gubbins box and used post it notes as templates then covered each one with netting. I'm using some netting from Tetra models and unlike most netting you can get which is paper this is made out of a fabric of some kind. It even has a slight texture which close up looks very convincing. 

Once all the sections had been done I glued them to the box and used tamiya tape for edges on some areas. I then used a pair of tweezers to lift up the netting. I think the effect is excellent and should look even better once painted.

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