Friday, 4 May 2018

Figure Work & A New Family Member

I've now started the painting on the figures for the ASLAV and made a start painting that very distinctive Aussie camo pattern. Here I have used Vallejo colours as usual and started with the sand colour using 819 Iraqi sand with a drop of 821 German camo beige. The green is 857 golden olive, black is 862 black grey & the two browns are 875 beige brown & 981 orange brown.

References are essential and I happen to have a set of Aussie combats in my collection which really helps getting the colours and pattern just right. I'm very pleased with the result and it's not at all difficult to paint.

On a totally different subject I've just become a grandad as well! Meet James who was born yesterday and is my first grandchild. He's only 6Ib but will soon fill out I'm sure. Chuffed to meet him today and have a cuddle. I'll certainly be showing him how to build his first model kit when he's old enough too.

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