Friday, 1 September 2017

Belgian M47 Decals & Dry Transfer Woes

Yesterday I finished off the chipping on the turret and attempted to add the tank name to the turret using Archer dry transfers. Well after three fricking hours I gave up! I tried adding them to the turret, using clear decal film and even contemplated making a sacrifice to the modelling gods. In the end, I hunted down some small water slide decals on eBay which should do the job. I've come to the conclusion that dry transfers are not for me! 

Anyway today the decals went on over a gloss coat and I used some more of the Daco Belgian vehicle decal set for this. I did, however, scrounge a 16 division shield from another kit as the Daco ones were too big to fit on the round cover on the rear hull. the turret "32" also came from the spares stash. The decals went on brilliantly and they really do add a nice splash of colour to the model. I'm now just waiting on the letters sheet to arrive then I can crack on.


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