Monday, 11 September 2017

JGSDF Type 96 Getting Stuck In

A pleasant day yesterday was had working on the model. I started by adding the small weld lines on the hull sides by using tamiya tape and creating a small gap. I then brushed on thinned mr surfacer and after a few minutes removed the tape. This leaves a perfect fine weld line which can be lightly sanded once dry.
I then moved onto the suspension and spent some time adapting the front steering to show the wheels turned instead of straight on. A simple matter of drilling and pinning the steering arms to the hull then getting them all lined up. I also decided to use the kit wheels instead of the resin ones as the hub details on the kit wheels are much crisper.
Finally, the rear hull was built up and a few improvements made. From now on the work is focused on the upper hull and by the look of it is all about adding handles as there are lots of them! 

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