Friday, 8 September 2017

Belgian M47 Matt Coat & Base Work

The model has now had a matt coat after a few pin washes and filters were added. I didn't use much in the way of these but added just enough to get some nice effects around bolts, engine louvers & other details. The model really looks good now and I like the faded look of the paintwork. The base has also been finished off with lots of spraying and hand painting on the framework for the tank shed. I also made up a sign and two gutter brackets as seen in my reference pictures for a bit of interest. 

With the model placed on the base, I think it will work well especially allowing for the fact it will be a fair bit higher with the wheels and tracks on. The next stage will be a heavy application of pigments on the lower portion of the model but I'll let the varnish dry for a couple of days first.