Friday, 15 April 2016

Tamiya Sherman M4A3E8 Complete

Here's the finished model on the base. A few grass turfs, static grass and carved weeds went onto the base and this was then sprayed with various earth and grass colours before finally going over the groundwork with some pigments.
The 4th armoured division badge really sets off the base as well.

It's been a very long time since I last built a Sherman so I have really enjoyed this project. From start to finish it's been trouble free and very relaxing. Tamiya have yet again produced a superb kit which has plenty of excellent detail but is very easy to build.


  1. Very nice model Pete with a simple but effective base and figure. Well done job again.

  2. Thanks Alain, it's been a really enjoyable build.

  3. Looks awesome! What did you use for the grass? Great work. Thanks for sharing

  4. Cheers Shawn the static grass is from WMS scenics. You can get it in different sizes and I think I used 6mm stuff on this base.