Tuesday, 12 April 2016

AS-90 Working Forwards

Here's the next batch of progress pictures and improvements made. The string tow ropes were replaced with better soft wire and the brackets slightly detailed. I've also added some missing weld beads around the front drive housings using stretched sprue. The engine deck exhaust vent needed a massive sinkhole filled on top of each part then a fillet of plastic card was added to the rear for a better fit.

Still lots to do on the front decks and there's quite a few missing details I need to add. 
Moving onto the gun travel lock now and this part (C49) is way too long. However it's easily remedied by removing most of the long section and leaving 2.5mm which can then be glued onto the base of the part. I've also opened up the lock mechanism and will be adding the gubbins inside later.

Lots of clean up is needed on this assembly but it's all worth it as it's a very visible part of the model especially if you have the gun in travel mode.

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