Thursday, 7 April 2016

AS-90 Making A Start

Here's the start of the build, the lower hulls and suspension. I found that the swinging arms need careful lining up to ensure that the wheels all touch the ground later on. Detail looks pretty good on the kit but I am going to use a couple of RB barrels and eduard etched sets for the turret roof stowage bin. I'll scratch any other details and improvements.

Moving onto the Sherman the figure has now arrived, a very nice Alpine item which is now in primer ready to paint. The base has also been sprayed and gloss varnished as the finish on the photo frame was not that good. I've also found a nice 4th armoured badge which will look great mounted on the base.


  1. I look forward to the AS-90 build. I have the same model on order, together with the etch set and and metal barrel. As I have not built anything in this scale for years your posts will be most carefully (and shamelessly) copied!

  2. LOL! shamelessly copy away Matt, I'll be sure to point out any pitfalls and improvements to the kit along the way, just for you!

  3. Hi Pete. It will be great models and I look forward for these two AS-90. I will be very impressive, I'm sure about that ! Also nice fig for your Sherman.