Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Easy Eight Figure & Base Work

My figure for this build arrived the other day so after a bit of cleaning up it was primed and left to cure. Today I've cracked on with it and actually finished it off in an afternoon. The division patch is a decal which luckily enough is for the 4th.

The base has also previously been worked on and again a small picture frame fits the bill nicely. I had to spray it though as the finish was not that good. A suitable badge was also sourced to add to the base. I can now start on the dio and get this one finished!


  1. beautiful figure!! i love how the fabrics look. the head is a bit flat but that's common in 1/35. the boots caught my eye as they are not the typical leather ww2 us tanker boots. are the supposed to be made of ruber?

  2. Thanks Igor, I agree the figure is superb, that's what I like about Alpine. The boots had rubber lowers and were issued late in the war for wet weather. Very unusual but interesting to see them on a figure.

  3. Looks great, have you ever posted a tutorial as to how you do your figures? Keep up the great work.

  4. Those Alpine figures are simply great and you did a good job on painting it. I'm actually taking figure painting classes right now (that means six middle-aged men spending six Sunday afternoons with Janne as our teacher, one of the guys here in Stockholm who has been painting figures for ages :-) ). I'm off to Hungary for the Moson show tomorrow!

    Regards Magnus