Monday, 4 April 2016

Next On The Bench, Double Fun!

As I am waiting for a figure to arrive so I can finish off the Sherman and the chieftain is almost done it's time for the next victim on the bench. This time it's a duel build of Trumpeter's 1/35th AS 90 model. 

Why two I hear you cry? Simple really one's for me and the other is for a work colleague of Mrs Sniper who is in the Royal artillery and has served on them. So my model will probably be finished as a BATUS example and the other will be finished as a Salisbury plain/ Larkhill example, should be fun! 


  1. Hi Pete,

    Have you got your hands on the Accurate armour correction kit? It is well worth it... even the pictures on the site as reference for some of the corrections...

    Kind regards,


  2. Hi James, for these two I'm just adding and improving things from scratch as I can't afford two sets from AA nice as they are. I have got two RB barrels and two eduard stowage roof stowage bin sets to use on them both though.