Thursday, 21 April 2016

AS-90 Turret Time

After a little bit more tweaking on the hulls I've now finished the grills on the commission build. I wasn't happy with the etched brass so instead used some very fine mesh then framed the grills with plastic strip. I'm much happier with the look of them now. A little Mr surfacer went onto the final drive housings to add a slight texture.

Moving onto the turrets now and I've started adding the details from the back. Again the commission build has been worked on first as this one needed to be changed to a later vehicle with Bowman radios fitted. Using my references I built up the Bowman box on the rear from plastic card and detailed it with some spare hinges from an old etch set. Door clamps were made up from plastic strip.

A few more details need to be added to this part but it's basically done. One thing to note on the turret rear is that parts E21, the rear lifting hooks should fit flush as per my pictures. You need to carve the recess on the turret slightly so that they fit correctly.

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  1. You are going on very well Pete, as usual great job and clean. I might know what you used to make grids, thanks