Friday, 29 April 2016

AS-90 More Turret Work

Here's the turret now almost finished, just a couple of things still to finish off. The side bins received some details from plastic card, lead wire and fine brass wire to enhance the catches. I then added small fillets of plastic card to each of the locating spots on the turret, this ensures that the bins stand off from the sides of the turret slightly as per my refs. 

The roof stowage bin is a bit of a saga as I had intended to use the Eduard set 35575. Imagine my surprise when I opened this and discovered it also included a full set of engine deck screens! If only I'd had a look at this earlier on, anyway it also includes the frame work for the roof bin. I've now come to the painful conclusion that I'm crap at bending large PE parts. I made a right hash of it so went back and used the kit's plastic frames and faced them with the etch. Not perfect but as the bin's going to be stuffed with stowage it won't really be obvious.

I had to move one of the roof ammo box racks though as this dictates where the bin is located on the roof. As it is in the kit the bin overhangs the rear when it should line up with the edge. A new rack was made up with plastic card.