Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Tamiya Stug III Ausf B & Something Very Different

Yes that's right I'm off on another tangent again! This time I have gone for a simple quick build in the form of Tamiya's very nice Stug III Ausf B. Yes I know there are better renditions out there but I don't want to get bogged down with details as this is really a test piece so I can try out the modulation method. I've picked up a vallejo set for this and as I like early panzers especially grey one's this fits the bill nicely. I'll only add any obvious missing details and may even use the kit tracks, now that will be a novelty! 

The kit has working swinging arms that are able to move and are locked in place by a backing plate inside the lower hull. I'm not too keen on this as I don't intend to display the model over rough ground and I think that the track tension will lift the outer wheels away from the ground if I use this set up with the kit tracks.

However there is an easy fix for this as the sprunes have the original fixed location arms as well and the locating pins on the hull. So it's just a matter of using these instead of the new movable ones.

I've also gone off on another totally different track and decided to have a stab at some Braille scale armour. It's all Brain Stoddart's fault and his brilliant small scale models and dioramas. I've been impressed with his attention to detail and great little scenes which all tell a story so thought why not have a go myself. 

Totally out of the comfort zone this as it's been years since I've even attempted small scale models. I've gone for the new Masterbox Mk1 male tank circa WW1. I promised myself I would build a WW1 era tank this year so the kit should at least gain me that goal. So watch out for that build as well!

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