Sunday, 1 June 2014

IPMS Salisbury Show Report 31/05/14

The second show of the year this and another great day out for Stonehenge modellers. IPMS Salisbury's show was as usual a very busy affair with loads of superb models on display and a good mix of traders. No early start for this one as it's only a couple of minutes away from Brian's gaff. The club displays at the show are set out with plenty of room between rows and most importantly lots of room behind the tables so it makes for a more comfortable experience. Plus you can look at the displays without having to worry if you are blocking the walkways. Traders wise there was plenty of choice and some good deals to be had too.

From the start we were very busy chatting to other clubs and visitors who visited the stand, so much so that by the end of the show we both had very sore feet and sore throats! (probably the latter was from talking so much drivel)! It was great to meet a few of you guys who follow the blog and nice to finally meet Terry as well who stopped by the stand for a chat. 

I'm afraid that I did not take many pictures from around the show again due to being so busy on the stand, we both only managed a few quick walks around the hall and by the time I thought about taking some pictures I was just too tired and foot sore to do it! However there are some good pictures on the MHISC forum and I'm sure there will be more turning up on the net soon. Thanks to Salisbury for the invite and another great show.

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